Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm writing this from the communal-lounge-internet-depot at Omni Sound Studios here in Nashville, Tennessee. Tomorrow I'll be doing some recording on Tracy Newman's new album and putting together some of my new tunes as well. Tracy's producer, Travis Allen is hooking me up with some of the same Nashville session guys scheduled to do Tracy's session; guys like Russ Pahl, Dave Francis, Pat McGrath, and Jim Hoke (these guys have played on many a fine recording for famous artist types!!). I'll be sure to post some pictures-and maybe even some sounds-from the session up here in a few days.


Friday, February 20, 2009

John How's "Roots Guitar"

Go check out to see a little mini-profile on me and to listen to a Guitar Rag that I wrote, performed, and recorded for John as a demo for his new “Roots Guitar.” There is also a recording of "Three Deaths" that I did with the "Roots Guitar." I made the recording with my newly purchased recording rig which you can read about in subsequent blogs. Just click on the picture of the “Roots Guitar” at the bottom of the home page and then scroll down to the bottom until you get to the “The Turning Of Clocks” album cover and do some reading and clicking. John is also in the process of building me my very own custom guitar that I’m incredibly excited about. John is blogging about the guitar he’s building for me; go check out the pics on his "builder's blog" on the home page. Upon the completion of the instrument, I’ll be recording some additional tunes for John’s site! Stay tuned…


Recording has begun!!!

In a few hours the last microphone in my little recording setup will be delivered via fed ex, thus  beginning the recording process for my next album. Please check back here for semi-daily updates on the album's progress.