Friday, November 5, 2010

Folk-Worn Prose

New CD is out!

You can find it at CD Baby as both a physical product and as a download
It's also at iTunes and probably some other places.
Also, if you find a little time, please give it a review at either place; helps make
it look legitimate... check it out.

Shaun Cromwell: Folk-Worn Prose

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just finished a 7 day tour of British Colombia as part of Trisha Gagnon's band that consisted of both the eminent John Reischman, and the ubiquitous Jim Nunally. It was a tour in support of her debut recording "A Story About You And Me" which I sang on, along side such luminaries as Vince Gill, Peter Rowan, Tony Furtado, i.e. Why me? you ask, not sure exactly, but as the story goes, she typed into Google something about "best country singer in California", and my name was, like... third!!?? I know, weird right? In any case, she gave a listen and apparently liked what she heard; next thing I know, I'm on the album. Then, the NEXT thing I know, I'm on stage in Penticton, B.C. with John Reischman, Jim Nunally and Trisha Gagnon who, besides being part of the 10 year juggernaut "John Reischman And The Jaybirds," have played along side many of the greats of Bluegrass (David Grisman, Tony Rice, etc...). Anyway, it was an honor, as well as a good time. I'll let you know if anything else springs forth...

Oh... here's a picture of me with John's Lloyd Loar...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nova Scotia w/ Cahalen Morrison

Ahhh, Nova Scotia in January; perfect time for a tour. I was here with Cahalen Morrison as part of the "In The Dead Of Winter Music Festival." Good times, cold, but good.

They have giant Kit Kat bars in Canada, who knew?
Why is Cahalen stunned? This is why...

Them Canadians sure know how to porridge!!!

This is at a place in St. Andrews, New Brunswick called Salty Towers. It was old, crooked, and really cold, and possibly haunted, but very cool. I'm told it's quite the place during tourist season!