Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pork n' Boots

I was trucking along in Joshua Tree National Park a month or so ago with a couple friends, and we saw this little guy crossing the road. Can you see it? I didn't want to get too close, but it appears to be a young diamond back rattlesnake! He was probably about three feet long (no real reference in this shot). He sort of looked at us for a little while, and then slithered over to that rock that's behind him there, and curled up in the shade. We kept our distance and tried not to bother the little fellow, but we couldn't resist checking him out. Anyway, just thought I'd share. Oh, by the way, while we were out there we filmed me playing a couple tunes with my friends kick-ass Canon 5D camera. If/when I get around to doing a little editing/outputting, maybe it'll find it's way up here on The Melon Patch via You Tube or something. We'll see, we'll see...
So I'm waiting for my food down at the local Baja Fresh (don't judge), and I'm surveying my fellow patrons, and I'm struck by both the stark contrast, as well as the unlikely symmetry of this tableau. I won't narrate this one too much, except for to say that I think the young LDS gentleman on the left spotted me taking this picture; which, while mildly embarrassing for me, was a price I was willing to pay to capture one of life's little coincidences.

Friday, June 22, 2012

DAMN! Have you ever had this? It is darned good. You can't buy it in stores, but you can buy it at the Lagunitas brewery! That's right, next time you find yourself north of San Francisco, in what is sometimes referred to as "wine-country" here in California, forgo the wineries and instead hit up the plethora of breweries that dot the landscape. One of the finest is the aforementioned Lagunitas Brewing Company.  And one of their finest products is their barley wine (named "GnarlyWine"). Be forewarned, it is 10.6% alcohol by volume... (I'm suffering the effects of it right now... as a matter of fact... damn it feels good), it is formidable!! In any case, I heartily endorse this stuff. While you're up there, you might as well check out The Ace-In-The-Hole Pub (I played there once). Their specialty? Cider! I know, I know, Cider? But trust me, whatever your reservations, this place will disabuse you of your beer-prejudiced snobbery. Try the Pear Cider, hell! Try 'em all!! (There is a noticeable proportionality between my intoxication and my use of exclamation points!!!... and I think I spell better when I'm fluffed... by he way).