Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So... I've given a bunch of CDs to a radio-promotions liaison named Jared Ingersol. Jared has sent my CD to some 180 people for airplay and print/blog review. So somewhere near you a song from "Folk-Worn Prose" is--hopefully--being played on a volunteer staffed folk-radio program, at a community station, broadcasting on a relatively low-watt signal, out of some building that was originally otherwise-purposed (like a strip mall unit or school-district-owned facilities management shed) and hundreds of people who would not have otherwise heard, say... "The Rise And The Fall Of It All" will be either basking in the sweet sounds; professing utter indifference; or... something much worse. So if you know of such a radio station, feel free to call 'em up or email them and request a track or two from the new album. Thanks, in advance...


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