Thursday, December 15, 2011

Suppressing The Muse

So I have been relatively disengaged with music over the past year or so. While I play my guitar daily, I haven't made an effort to really learn anything new or to push myself in the way of writing or performing. Not sure why exactly. In fact, I haven't even listened to much music over the past year, and haven't bought any music in OVER a year. I've been engaged in some cathartic life-altering decision making and there just wasn't much room in my brain for music. Regardless, I'm playing a show here in Santa Monica at McCabe's Guitar Shop on January 6th as an opener for Ernest Troost. Ernest has coaxed me into playing some banjo on a couple of his tunes, so here I sit, practicing my banjo and trying to write a tune or two. I've also started listening to Elvis Radio and Classic Soul on the free XM radio that came with my car (by the way, the XM radio was supposed to be active for only a three month trial period, yet it still works. Is it, that if I were to pay I would receive more channels, or did they neglect to shut me down...? In any case...) I have to admit that I'm feeling the pull a bit more, so maybe I'm "back"... maybe...?


  1. I hope you're back. I love both of your albums, and the one time I heard you live you were incredible. You're immensely talented as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter, and By far the most interesting new artist I've come acrosss in quite a while. I'd very much like to hear more.

    I hope whatever non-musical issues you were dealing with are all sorted out and you'll have a happy and productive new year.

  2. Glad to hear it- any plans for a UK tour? - people would go CRAZY for you here! :)